Proposition de thèse sur la conception d’un pli vocal biomimétique

Proposition de thèse de doctorat en mécanique du pli vocal humain / PhD proposal in mechanics of human vocal fold

PhD Position in Experimental Mechanics of Materials/Structures :
From the vocal-fold 3D structure and micro-mechanics to the design of biomimetic materials
Location : 3SR Lab, CoMHet team, Grenoble, France
Collaboration : GIPSA-lab, VSLD team, Grenoble, France

Contact : Lucie BAILLY (lucie.bailly  [at]

Project summary

The vocal folds are soft multi-layered laryngeal tissues, owning remarkable vibro-mechanical performances. Composed of collagen and elastin microfibrils’ networks, the upper layers play a major role in the vocal-fold vibrations. However, the impact of these tissues’ histological features on their mechanical behavior is still poorly known. This is mainly ascribed to their challenging experimental characterization at the scale of their fibrous networks.
Therefore, this PhD project aims to gain an in-depth understanding of the link between the micromechanics of vocal-fold tissues and their unique vibratory macroscale performances. The strategy will be :
1. To go further in the investigation of the vocal-fold 3D architecture and micromechanics and behaviour upon finite deformation. This step will be based on experimental biomechanical campaigns and unprecedented synchrotron X-ray in situ microtomography ;
2. To use these data to mimic and process fibrous biomaterials with tailored structural and biomechanical properties ;
3. To characterize the vibro-mechanical properties of these biomaterials at different scales (macro/micro) and frequencies (low/high).

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