PEVOC + MAVEBA du 31 Août au 4 Septembre 2015 à Florence, Italie

En 2015, la grande conférence pan-européenne sur la voix aura lieu à Florence en Italie du 31 Août au 4 Septembre … réservez la date !!!

11th Pan European Voice Conference – PEVOC 2015
9th International Workshop Models and Analysis of Vocal Emissions for Biomedical Applications – MAVEBA 2015

31st August – 4th September, 2015
Palazzo degli Affari – Firenze Fiera
Piazza Adua 1, Firenze, Italy

PEVOC and MAVEBA are organized every two years aiming to stimulate contacts between specialists active in pedagogy, art, medicine, technical and engineering research and industrial developments in all aspects and fields related to the human voice. This joint conference will offer the participants an unique interdisciplinary platform for presenting and discussing new knowledge in these fields as far as adults, singing and pediatric voices are concerned.
PEVOC and MAVEBA welcomes contributions ranging from fundamental research to all kinds of applications and related established and advanced technologies, with emphasis on translational research.
Proposal for Special Sessions, sw and hw demos, round tables on specific themes, are welcome.

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