2014 Summer Vocology Institute

The National Center for Voice and Speech is pleased to announce:




Applications for the 2014 Summer Vocology Institute are now being accepted!
More information about the program can be found on our website at: www.ncvs.org/SVI .The Institute is taught in Salt Lake City, Utah, where the NCVS is headquartered.

Nine graduate credit semester hours are taught:

Block 1: Principles of Voice Production (3 credits)
Block 2a: Voice Habiltation (2 credits)
Block 2b: Instrumentation for Voice Analysis (2 credits)
Block 3: Voice for Performers (2 credits)

These courses are taught at the highest academic level by internationally recognized instructors and affiliates of the NCVS.

Deadline for applications is
May 1, 2014
International students are encouraged to apply early so the necessary arrangments can be made for student visas.

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